It's all just FUN and GAMES!
OC17 - Orange Conference FUN talk 2.0


We had a great time at the Orang Conference this year.

The breakouts were filled with some of the best people on the planet.

A seriously FUN crowd! Thanks to everyone for coming out!


The Slides.

Feel free to download and share. 

FUN 2.0.pdf  or  FUN 2.0 (with notes).pdf  or (last years talk FUN 1.0)

 Remember to alway explain the game simply, 4 steps...

Premise: Basic idea of the game   

Goal:  How to win

Rules:  Boundaries



Games we played during the talk.

Flappy Crowd

20 Sec Challenge

Holey-Wack-A-Moley (coming soon)

GameShow Scoreboard

The Feud




20 Sec Challenge-


Go Phillip from Florida! Rock Paper Scissors #OC17 #orangeleaders #crowdcontrolgames #brianandbradsitton

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