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AI generated Trivia Questions

We are always getting request for trivia questions. So we used Chat GPT to create over 30 sets of questions with 30-60 questions in each set.

Download them all here...

AI generated Trivia files

They are .tsv format and are ready to use in our trivia games: Trivia Time, Speed Trivia,  Quiz Cam, and Crowd Trivia.

The good news is, that is almost 1500 questions for FREE! But here is the crazy part, they were all created with AI, so we don't know if they are correct or not :)

We were not sure what to do with all of this, so we thought it would be fun to invite all of you to join us on this AI journey. Feel free to download and use the questions. If you see a typo or a wrong answer let us know and we will update the files. 

In the folder we included a text file with the prompts we were using. You can use that or write your own. If you come up  a good prompt or a fun set of questions we would love to share those with the community. Hopefully this folder will grow in size and quality.

Welcome to the future, this is going to be fun!




For more info on ChatGPT, click here...