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20 Second Challenge

$ 25.00


Contestants have 20 seconds to complete a randomly assigned challenge. Quick, easy set up and fantastic crowd reactions. 


2-4 players on stage. The wheel spins. Player 1 says "Stop" or hits "the button". The wheels slows to a stop and randomly selects a challenge. The clock starts and they have 20 seconds to complete the challenge. The quicker they complete the challenge the more points they get.



The Challenge wheel contains 12 editable challenges. You can save up to 5 sets of challenges. Edit players names and easily turn off players scoreboards. You can even turn off the clock and logo and have just the challenge wheel by itself. At the bottom of the control screen there is a check box to have the timer automatically start if you want to add some extra drama to the game.







This game plays back best at 1280x720.

Hosting tip... Make the challenges very winnable!

Other Challenge ideas...

Phone challenges-
- Read out loud your last text message
- post a selfie
- call a relative and get them to say "banana"

Physical challenge
- catch 10 left shoes
- name and do 5 dance moves
- win 3 rounds of Rock Paper Scissors
- do 3 animal impersonation (audience has to guess)

Mental challenge
- tell a joke
- name 10 animals
- name 10 things you get at the grocery store
- name 10 place you use a flash light



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