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DIY Gameshow Buzzers V2

If you just want to buy some wireless buzzers these are the ones we use.

They work great with our software, nothing to install, usb receiver works from 50ft away. Cost around $50 each. More info about "Affordable Buzzers" at


If you want to build your own, here are some options...

DIY GameShow Buzzer

So you want to make some Gameshow Buzzers? This is the simplest way we have found so far.

Here is a PARTS LIST...


1) Makey Makey 

  • These cost about $50
  • Order them at 
  • Or Order them from


2) Dome Button

  • These cost $9.95 at
  • They come unfinished so you will need a base to put them in (we like to find stuff in the plumbing department at the hardware store, 3 inch PVC parts work great. 




If you need something that looks more like the TV show Jeopardy...

Hand Held Buzzer



If you want to clean up the look of your buzzers and hide some wires, a breakout box can really make you look like a pro.

Buzzer Breakout Box


This is a fun project. Here are the basic steps and Links to buy all the parts on

Here is a parts list for :

1. Makey Makey

2. Project Box

3. USB extender

4. Vinyl Ring

5. Headphone Jack

6. Headphone Cable

7. Connector

8. Tin Cans

9. Buttons

MicStand Mount 


Start with the (1)MakeyMakey, use nylon screws to attach the (4) Vinyl Rings.

Connect the wire coming out of the (4)Vinyl Rings to the (5) Head Phone Jacks. Arrow key to R. Ground to T. (repeat for each button).

Then drill the holes in the (2) Project Box to mount the (5) Headphone jacks.



The (9) Buttons come with a microswitch with 2 leads at the bottom. Use some (7) connectors to connect the white wires (that come with the MakeyMakey) to the (5) Headphone jack.  Then drill a hole in the side of the (8) tin can for the Headphone jack. Then flip the can upside down and drill out a 1inch hole to mount the button. Black spray paint as needed. The buttons have a long neck that comes out the bottom. Unscrew the nylon nut, mount it to the bottom of the tin can thru the 1-inch hole you drilled. Then use the nylon nut to hold it all together.


BONUS: Add a "Mic Stand Mount"  to the lid of the Tin Can. Then you can take the lid off and use the buzzer on a table top. Or put the lid on and use a mic stand.

The MakeyMakey is $50. That makes up almost 1/2 of the total price of this build. There is a knockoff version called the Vilros FunForce. We haven't tried it but the reviews are good and the price is great.

FunForce ($22 Prime)

Games and Apps

We have lots of games and apps that use buttons you can find them in our MakeyMakey section.

  If you are looking for our older video on how to make GameShow buzzer, you can find it here  DIY gameshow tutorial.