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DIY Gameshow Buzzers V2

So you want to make some Gameshow Buzzers? This is the simplest way we have found so far.


DIY GameShow Buzzer


Here is a PARTS LIST...


1) MakeyMakey 

  • These cost about $50
  • Many creative ways to use these!
  • Order them at 
  • the MakeyMakey website has one of the best promo videos ever!


2) Dome Button

  • These cost about $9.95 each
  • They come unfinished so you will need a base to put them in (we like to find stuff in the plumbing department at the hardware store, 3 inch PVC parts work great.
  • You can get these at SparkFun as well, here.


And this is a quick clip to show you how to make a 

"Hand Held Buzzer"



We have lots of games that use buttons you can find them in our MakeyMakey section.

  If you are looking for our older video on how to make GameShow buzzer, you can find it here  DIY gameshow tutorial.