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Use an iPhone as a webcam
The day we released FlappyCrowd with a webcam option, we started getting questions about, "How do I get my webcam all the way to the stage?" For over a year I have been looking at iPhone webcam apps. None of them worked for me on my mac. Then I found PocketCam.


PocketCam lets you use your iOS device as a wireless webcam for your Windows or Intel-based Mac (OS X 10.7 or above). PocketCam automatically forwards video captured by your iOS device camera, which can then be used as if they come from a virtual webcam.


You can download PocketCams iPhone app from the app store.  There is a support app that you will need to run on your computer, free download at…


My overall experience.

It worked great. I wanted to use my iPhones camera as the input to FlappyCrowds "Video Flap Mode". When I first Launched Flappy and selected "PocketCam" there was a short 3-5 sec delay for the app to sync up and start working.


In the camera select pull down in Flappy, there were 2 choices for PocketCam. The bottom one worked?


It worked great and was pretty easy to set up.

It has a cool way to sync the phone to the computer with a QR code. Just point the phone at the screen and BAM!



There is a Lite version that is free No audio and just black and white. But a great way to test and see if it works. The full version is $4.99. Much cheaper than buying a real webcam. The full version does have audio, but in my testing seemed to have like a 5 sec delay. Not sure what that is about. Not really useful. But the live video is great.


Two things to watch out for.
1) Keep the iPhone steady. if you are holding the iPhone any movement in your hand will effect the game. Get a tripod, duct tape you phone to a mic stand, set it on a table. 
2) You will need your iPhone and computer on the same wifi network. Wifi signals can be sketchy. You can set up and test and have everything working great in an empty room. Then as soon as 100 people with iPhones walk in, even if they are not ON your wifi they can still clog it up and slow it down.