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Mega Golf- A case study on how to be an awesome host

This is a clip of one of the best moments we have ever seen. Huge crowd, all fully engaged. We can learn a lot from this clip.


 Great games can fail because they are hosted wrong, but done well they have the power to create lasting memories. This video will breakdown a few tips to help you host better and truly engage your crowd. As you watch we have notes on each section below.



1. NAIL THE INTRO - The host has to understand the game and be excited about it. Hype it up, as you add energy the crowd will join in.

2. TEAMMATES -  Whenever possible split the crowd into teams. Teams promote a sence of belonging and increases competition. Competition drives engagement.

3. SIMPLE RULES - The crowd won't fully engage until they understand what is going on. Three steps to keep it simple: Tell them the basic concept. Tell them how to win. Tell them what they can't do.

4. HAVE FUN! - When ever possible, make them laugh.

5. BREADCRUMBS - You don't have to give them every detail of the game at the start. You have already given them the basics, now give them tips and tricks along the way. Coach them as they play.

6. UNDERSTANDING = ENGAGMENT - Now that they have seen how the game works, watch as the entire crowd gets into it.

7. BE PREPARED - Practice before you start. And have an extra ball, the crowd will love you for it.

8. WHERE WE AT? - Knowing the scores drive engagement, can you feel the difference in the 2nd clip when you can see the scoreboard. Remind the crowd of the score, help them feel the tension and importance of each point.

9. THROW A PARTY! - Watch the losing team's host join the party and celebrate the winning team. At the end of the game you want the entire crowd to feel like they won. Throw a party and celebrate with everyone, we were just a part of an amazing moment.


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