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Turn your audience into a golf course. Every crowd loves to hit beach balls around. We have turned that into a game of golf... MEGA GOLF!





This is a simple game of golf, where the first team to get their ball to the hole gets a point. Every point has over the top electric guitar and pyro explosions.

Divide your crowd down the middle (Left vs Right). Each "round" you will highlight a different seat in the audience (one on each side). Toss 2 huge balls out into the audience (we love wobble balls for this) and watch as each side works their ball toward their hole.  Once you see a team has their ball clearly in their hole; declare the hole winner, award points, then move on to the next hole.




You can customize the team names, or just leave them as "Left Side" and "Right Side".

The "LOGO" button, plays a Spinal Tap inspired video clip showing the MEGA GOLF logo and tons of guitar and pyro explosions to keep it awesome!!

The score controls are super simple "plus" and "minus" buttons. We also added keyboard support ("1" or Left Arrow and "2" or Right Arrow) to trigger the points, so you can use your favorite buzzers to trigger them.

And of course a sweet "Winner" video clip with even more guitar and pyro. 







This game plays back best at 1280x720.  You will need a huge ball: Wobble ball, Beachball, earth ball, whatever fits your environment. 

You will also need to figure out how to highlight your holes. Try to match the placement on each side so the "level of difficulty" seems equal for both sides.

You also need to think thru how to "highlight" your holes. Spotlights work great. In smaller venues, you could also use hula hoops or flags (have 2 volunteers ready to place them). Heck, you could even use strong flashlights held by 2 people on the stage.

Hosting tip... Guide the audience to where the hole is. Do play by play of the ball's progress. Quickly declare the winner of each hole. Clearly tell the crowd who got the point, and then enjoy the guitar explosions together!




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