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Take A Chance

$ 45.00


In this game, based on a classic game show concept, three players will try to get the most money by landing on the game board tiles. But watch out, if you land on Captain Jack the Pirate, he will "Jack all your money."




This is what it looks like to play over ZOOM.


FULL TUTORIAL VIDEO - All you need to know in a 10 min video. The game screen has been updated but this will still show you how the game works.






If you want to play a shorter version of the game you can just jump straight into Take a Chance. But if you want to play the FULL gameshow version this is how we play it...

The game is made up of two rounds. Each round starts with a mini game of Captain Obvious. This is a fast paced matching game where the players will win TURNS. They will then use the TURNS on the Take A Chance game board to win as much money as possible. TURNS can be passed to another player as BURNS. BURNS must be played, and that simple strategy can make the game very exciting.



This is a game of speed and matching. The players will need to be the first to press their buzzer when the selector is on the image that is obviously different.

The host would explain it to the players like this...

"You will win Take a Chance by using your TURNS to win the most money. To earn those TURNS we have a game we like to call, Captain Obvious. In this game, you will see four images. One of the images is OBVIOUSLY different. Be the first to buzz in when the selector is on that image, and you win a turn. To get you started we already gave each of you two turns. Let's Play!"

Captain Obvious screen.



After 5-7 rounds of Captain Obvious, the players should have earned enough TURNS to head to Round 1. Each player will use their TURNS to try and earn as much money as possible. They will decide to "Take a Chance," go for more, and risk Jack taking it all OR pass their remaining turns to "BURN" another player.  

The host would explain it to the players like this...

"You will use your buttons to stop the game board selector. You get whatever the selector lands on. Red Player, you are playing first.  You have two TURNS and no BURNS.  Do you want to BURN someone or TAKE A CHANCE?" 



After all TURNS have been used you will go back to a Captain Obvious round to earn more TURNS for Round Two. In Round 2 the stakes are higher and the risk is greater. See what happens when they decide to "Take a Chance"!!! (Come on, that's some good writing!)

This game is full of strategy, luck, and a whole lot of fun!




The "Screen" button at the top right of the control screen will turn the game screen on. If you have multiple displays connected it will also let you select which screen you want the game on. Windowed mode is a great way to play the game on a single screen if you want to practice.



This button will transition the game into Captain Obvious. Where players can win turns.



The game play is the same, but round 2 has higher dollar amounts add just a little more drama to the game.



If players don't want to "take a chance" than can pass their to "BURN" another player. Always pass to the player with the lowest score. Use the "=" "-" buttons if you make a mistake or if you want to play with out playing a round of Captain obvious.



Click the "BLACK" button to add a black screen over the logo. This setting can be used with a luma key in a video switcher to overlay the game over a live camera. This is a great way to really feel like your audience is in a studio watching a TV gameshow.


WEB CAM (PC only)

You can use a USB webcam to put live video into the game. A wide shot works great to frame up all 3 players into 1 shot. The button next to the "CAMERA" switch will show you all the USB webcams available on the computer. Click to pull down the menus and select the camera you want. the click on "SWITCH CAMERA"



Snap Camera is a free app that lets you add snapchat filters to your webcam. You can then add that to Take A Chance. This is what it looks like.

For more info and to download the app go to



This is a quick 1 page instruction on how to intro and run the game. Great as a reminder or to train a volunteer to help.

Download full rez PDF to print.



This game is way more fun if you have buttons to buzz in. The players will be using the LEFT, RIGHT, and DOWN arrow keys or 1, 2, 3 number keys to buzz in. Connecting buttons that will send those keystrokes to the games is our favorite way to play. Here is a video that shows how to connect buttons to the game.


Here is a tutorial to build your own buttons. Or you can use wireless buttons.


The 3 contestants are:

LEFT (arrow key), 1 (number key) - RED

MIDDLE (arrow key), 2 (number key) - BLUE

RIGHT (arrow key), 3 (number key) - YELLOW 



All of our apps work on Mac and PC, and are made to be played on your computer's second display.
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