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It's not WHAT you know.  It's how FAST you know it!

Contestants will have 30 seconds to see how many questions they can answer. The faster they answer, the more points they get; miss one, and your turn is over. Top 10 scores show up on the Leader Board.


DEMO - This video will show you how it all works.


GAME SCREEN - This is what the crowd will see.

The game comes pre loaded with over 250 questions. They are randomly shuffled every time you reset the scores.




When no one is playing, the screen shows the Top Ten Leaderboard.




This is a super fast and easy game to setup and run. Just type in the player’s name and hit Play. To answer a question the contestants will need to click a button represented by the red, blue, yellow, or green rectangle. On the control screen, you can see the keyboard inputs for each color.  If you have buzzers that use keyboard inputs, then the set up will look something like this...


Red - "A", "1", or Left arrow key

Blue - "S", "2", or Right arrow key

Yellow - "D", "3", or Up arrow key

Green - "F", "4", or Down arrow key

We selected these keys because they are commonly used by the people who make Buzzers. MakeyMakeys use the arrow keys.  The Affordable Buzzers uses the 1-4 keys.


 LIVE - This is a slightly modified version of the game made to fit the LED stage.

Spreading the buttons out to make them run for it add a lot of fun to the game.



"Welcome to Speed Trivia! Where it's not just what you know, but how FAST you know it!

Our players will have 30 seconds to answer as many questions as they can. The faster they answer, the more points they get. But get one wrong, and their turn is over. Top Ten scores will go to the LeaderBoard.

The answers to the question will be on 4 color squares, red, blue, yellow, and green. Hit the button with the correct answer as fast as you can. 

Let's meet our first player. Hi what's your name and where you from... 

-Game operator will type in the players name as the Host talks to them. When their name shows up on the board, your ready to play.

OK, (players name), were ready to go. Your time starts in ... 3,2,1... GO!"



This game plays back best at 1280x720.

Sound effects are included.


All of our apps work on Mac and PC, and are made to be played on your computer's second display.
To install our apps you will need Adobe AIR. AIR is already installed on many machines, but if you need it you can download it here Adobe AIR. It’s quick, easy, and FREE. You only need to install it one time.
If you are having trouble or need more help, check out our FAQ and Tech Support page.

Thanks for being awesome!

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