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HALLOWEEN - Game Ideas

Need some games to play at your Halloween party or Fall Festival ?

If you have "The Spinner," then here are four free games you can set up quickly and easily. More info on "The GameShow Spinner"app ($25).



 Funny Bone - Get four cups; red, blue, green, and white. Put different amounts of candy or prizes in each one. Spin the wheel. Whichever color they land on, that's the prize they get.

Ghost Busters - Fill white balloons with candy and blow them up. With a marker, write a number (1-11) on each balloon. Spin the wheel. They get to "bust" the balloon that matches the number they land on. The "Big Buster" is a special prize, either a larger balloon or multiple balloons.

Grand Prize - Spin the wheel. The number they land on represents the number of pieces of candy they get OR match to a list of prizes. The "Grand Prize" needs to be something extra special!

Pumpkin Patch - Put three rows of orange and black dots on the ground. Invite the contestant to stand on a color in the 1st row. Spin the wheel. If the wheel lands on the color they are standing on, then they get to step to the next row. If not, they are out or don't get to advance. Keep spinning the wheel until they make it through all three rows of dots. At the front of your event is a "Pumpkin Patch" of prizes (table full of candy).




 Download the FREE "Wheel" and "Logo" graphics.

 These are starter ideas. Please take them, change them, make them better. If you use them, please send us some pics. If you have any additional game ideas, let us know!



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Comments by JaredTWade October 25, 2016

This is awesome!! I just jumped into my Adobe to make a couple spinners, I have a childrens Halloween event coming up on Saturday, and then got your email about these spinners!! Will be downloading and using them this weekend for sure!! :-)

Thanks for the awesomeness!!