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GameShow Spinner

$ 25.00


The GameShow SPINNER- One app... so many games!

This app is a very customizable spinner. Create a wheel of prizes, use names to pick a contestant, make a wheel of random tasks for the interns… The list of possibilities is endless! Use Spinner with "Will of 4 Chin" and "QuizShow ScoreBoard" for a great event night!

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Spinner comes with 2 folders, a Logo folder and a Wheel folder. We have  some generic graphics in there. To customize the wheel just drop new graphics into the folder then relaunch the app. 

CONTROL SCREEN. This is how the control screen looks...

Click the "Browse" button and select the folder you want to browse. Then the "select a LOGO" pull down list will now show all the graphics in the folder you selected.


This app is made to work with a MakeyMakey. Go here for instruction on "How to make your own interactive buttons".


Here are some free Photoshop .psd file. Layered file to help you get started making your own wheels. Wheel_Template.psd

If you don't have Photoshop is a free online drawing/ design tool. Go to the page, then click on the "Use as Temple" button.



If you have Photoshop or another image editing app, simply open one of the generic wheels that come with the app, edit it like crazy, and give it a new name. If you don't have any fancy software, draw a picture and take a photo with your phone and drop that picture into the folder. It really is that easy. For optimal performance, the wheel graphics should be 1170x1170 and the logo graphics should be 375x375.

How to make your own wheel graphics Tutorial Video



All Crowd Control Games work on a Mac or a PC.


To install this app you will need Adobe AIR. AIR is already installed on many machines but if you need it you can download it here. It’s quick, easy and FREE. You only need to install it one time.


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