It's all just FUN and GAMES!
Walmart: Essence Festival

The Essence festival is the largest music festival in the country. We partnered with Walmart to create some custom video games that people could play when they visited the their booth.

Walmart asked if we could help bring a very digital and social presence to engage the crowds in their booth space. So we pitched 4 arcade games and the BoomBox! We had a blast and it was a huge success.

Check out this "Behind the Scene" tour...

Previz renderings

The BoomBox would be all LED. The Arcade games used large monitors in portrait mode and were controlled with custom arcade controllers. And yes, the shopping carts really did control the PacMan game.


Setting it up 

I can not emphasize how HUGE the crowds were!! 

Essence is a music festival. So we wanted to create something that would allow people to express their musical creativity. So we created...The BoomBox. An interactive music machine that allows participants to take over the DJ booth and create their own music, all with custom visuals playing back on the LED set. It was awesome.