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Wheel of Ill Will

$ 45.00


 Three contestants guess letters to solve a puzzle. But to get the points they will have to face the WHEEL OF ILL WILL! 

This is a ridicules gameshow that will have the players attempting outrageous challenges. There are plenty of challenges that involve the crowd, or create your own. Have your DJ add in some music to take this game to the next level.


Here is a quick video of how the game works.




The three contestant sit in chairs on one side of the stage. From there, one at a time, they will guess a letter in the puzzle. If they get a letter then they walk to the center of the stage to "spin the wheel". They say "STOP" or hit a buzzer to stop the wheel. If it lands on 200 they get the points and get a chance to solve the puzzle. If it lands on an ill they have to complete the challenge before they can get the points and try to solve the puzzle. Who ever solves the puzzle gets +500 points. The person with the most points at the end of the game wins.



Pick a letter > Spin the Wheel > Complete the Challenge > Solve the Puzzle 



Before you start the game you will need to setup the Ills. Select a set and click "Edit". Type in the title and description. If you don't have any click "Load Default ILLs"



Select a puzzle form the pull down menu and click "EDIT". On the left type in the puzzle then click "Make Puzzle". Then give it a "Topic", to describe what kind of puzzle it is, a Poem, a Phrase, a song Lyric, etc...



If you want to add music or soundFX try our FREE SoundBoard app.

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