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What the Blank

$ 25.00


Get points for matching the judges' answers - "This game is ________!"



What the Blank is all about the crowd interaction. Teams will be trying to guess how your "celebrity" judges will fill in the blanks. Make sure each team has an awesome team name and your ready to play.

Step 1- Get three "celebrity" judges (they will need a way to write down their answers). 

Step 2 - Reveal your first puzzle. Something like... "______ Food"

Step 3 - Each team (and judges) will write down one word to fill in the blank.  (FAST Food, HEALTH Food, GOOD Food, etc...)

Step 4 - Have teams reveal their answers. Then have each judge reveal their answer. If a team has the same answer as a judge, they get points. (Judge one is worth 10 points - Judge two is worth 20 points - Judge three is worth 30 points)

The game has a super cool LeaderBoard. As you add points, whomever has the most will animate up to the top. 

You can store up to five sets of ten puzzles.