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Super Combo

$ 25.00


Super Combo is an elimination game for the entire crowd.

Everybody stands up and finds a partner. Together they will act out a "Combo" that they see on the game board. If their "combo" gets an X, they will take a seat because they are OUT. The last team standing wins.

Super easy, super fun!



This video will show you everything you need to know to set up and run the game.



This is just a "preview" the audio watermark isn't in the game :)




 "Are you all ready to play SUPER COMBO! This is an elimination game, we all play but only 1 team will win. Everybody stand up and get a partner. All you have to do is act out a "combo" from the screen. If your combos gets a "X" you are out. We got some crazy categories to pick from let's see our first one...



-The game will randomly select one of these 9 categories



"Looks like we doing "Greetings". Everyone get with your partner and pick one of these 3 combos.  (Host can act out each of the combos as needed)

Lets see them... nice... Ok, lock in your Combo, no changing, let see who is getting eliminated.



"OH NO!! High Fivers you are OUT. Everyone else you are still in.

Repeat until you only have 1 team left.

You can have them pick new partners if you want.

Play the same Category or pick a new one every round.



When you get to the last team click the WINNER button. 





The control screen is super simple.

Logo - This will take you back to the logo loop, good to use if you have everyone pick a new partner.

Pick Category - randomly select one of 9 combo categories

Single Elimination - 1 combo is eliminated

Double Elimination - 2 combos are eliminated

Winner - you can click this when ever you have a winner


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Thanks for being awesome!

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