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$ 25.00


It is all about speed! Get your car across the finish line as quickly as possible.


Control Screen


Video Tutorial


How it Works

The noise level of the crowd controls the movement of the car to avoid traffic.

More Volume = Up
Less Volume = Down

It is a race against the clock.


Up to 6 customizable heads.
1 driver, 4 traffic cars, 1 motorcycle


Click the "Browse for Heads" button to select a folder of heads.

To create your heads, start with some photos of your friends heads. Cut them out so you have a clear head with no background.

Then, scale the image to 360x480 (or something close).

Finally, save the heads with the proper file name as .png files. (PNG files allow for high quality and an "alpha channel", the transparent part of the image)


You can save them to any folder, but you have to use the exact file name!


(This app requires Adobe AIR. AIR is already installed on many machines but if you need it you can download it here. It’s quick, easy and FREE. You only need to install it one time.)


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