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Reindeer Games

$ 25.00


The goal of "Reindeer Games" is to get points by collecting presents. The crowd will control "Olive -the other reindeer" with their noise level. Loud = up. Quiet = down. 
The time is default to 35 sec but you can make that longer or shorter if necessary. 
You can also customize the "flight speed" as needed. 
Hit the power ups to increase your present collecting capabilities. 
Turbo - increases your speed
Reindeer nose - Lasers!!!
Missile Toes - Your going to love this one!
You can use the "how to fly" button to teach the crowd how everything works. Click this before you start playing the game and you can let the crowd get loud and quiet to control the game. There is a "LOUDER" and "SHHHHH" you can use at anytime to help the crowd. 
With everything set. Click the "start button" the screen will give you a 3,2,1 and the game will start. 
At the end of the game the current and top scores will be shown. 
Click the "back to start" button to reset the game and you are ready to play again. 
With the kiosk button on the game can be played all by itself. At the end of the game a "new game" icon will be at the top of the screen. If the crowd gets loud. They can fly up and start a new game. This is great if you need to walk away and just let the crowd entertain themselves for a while. 
Your computer will need a mic to get the crowds noise level. If your computer doesn't have a mic or camera a built in can connect a USB webcam or use an audio line in. 
The default audio input and level is what the game will use.
All games run on both MAC & PC.
All of our games require that Adobe Air is installed on your computer. Many computers already have it, but if your computer does not recognize the .AIR file type here is how to fix that.
- Click the “Download Now” button and follow the instructions.
Once Adobe Air is installed, to install the game simply click on the .AIR file that you downloaded. 
When you launch the game you will see the “Control Screen”.
An “On/Off” switch in the upper right corner that will send the “Game Screen” to your projector (or second monitor...or your desktop if no other monitors are available).
If you have question about working with other applications or getting the game onto your 2nd display check out our FAQ page.
If you have any additional questions or tech support needs  send us an email.

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