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Christmas Story

$ 45.00


This is a set of 7 clips and a script to help you tell the Christmas story in a fun interactive way. Live actors, real animals and large scenes make the Christmas story come to life. If you use 8 ft. tall rear projection screens, when you stand in front of the screens it looks like you are "in" the story.

This is a clip of Brian giving the Christmas Story presentation at his church. If you skip to 3:15 you can see the big screen come to life. (my favorite part is the journey to Bethlehem at 5:20)

The clips are all 1920x480, they are a "super wide" format to fit across 3 screens. In the presentation video below we used a laptop connected to a TripleHead2Go, to split the video onto 3 projectors. If you play these clips back on a regular 16:9 screen they will have large black bars above and below.

The clips have no audio. If you want to play some soft music in the background it helps set the vibe.

Video clip - Before you buy the entire pack, here is the title video. You can download it to test and see if it works for your setup.



Script - Here is the script used for the presentation. You can download it to make sure it works for you. Feel free to change it up.


All of our apps work on Desktop Mac and PC (sorry no mobile devices).

To install this app you will need Adobe AIR. AIR is already installed on many machines but if you need it you can download it here. It’s quick, easy and FREE. You only need to install it one time.

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