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Happy Couple Game

$ 50.00


Happy Couple Game - It's not just for newlyweds anymore!
Four couples answer questions on their phones and the results are shown up on the big screen. To make the game more flexible use the Office MatesBestie Challenge or Alpha background modes to customize the look and play at work, team building, girls night out, youth group, etc... so many options. So much fun!
A quick look at how the game looks.
This tutorial video will show you how to host and operate the game. 
Set out four chairs in front of the game screen facing the crowd. One person from each couple will sit in the chair. Their partner will stand behind them with the phone and will type in what they think the person in the chair will say.
- Ask the question to the player in the chair, the player standing with the phone will type in what you think they will say -
Each round have them switch places.
Click the "Get Code" button to connect to 
Have the couples log into CCG.BUZZ and enter the game code.  When they enter their names, the couple in the first chair is "couple 1", 2nd chair is "couple 2", etc...
 THREE GAMES IN ONE! Pick the look that works best for you or use the "Alpha" option to create your own custom look.
This is where you control everything.

1. Game Screen - Turn on the game board.
2. Game Mode - This will change the look of the game (4 options).
3. CCG.BUZZ - Get the code the 4 couples will use to log in on their phones. 
4. Load Questions - Import, export or edit the questions.
5. Get Names /Show Names - This will get the names from the players phones. You can edit them if needed before you "Show Names" on the game screen.
6. Select Question - Preview the questions and select the point value.
7. Show Question - Displays the question on the game screen.
8. Show Logo - Leave the question look and goes back to the logo look.
9. Warning Clock - Editable clock, counts down to encourage the players to get their answers in.  Use as needed. (At the end of the count down the game will do one last check to CCG.BUZZ to see if the answers are in)
10. "Checking for Answers" - As soon as you click "Show Question" the game will start checking CCG.BUZZ for answers. When all answers are in. Click on "SELECT", (this will stop CCG.BUZZ from looking for answers) to select the players answer you want to reveal.
11. Show Answer - After the player sitting answers, this button will show what the other player typed into the phone. Then score them with a "+" or "-".
12. Winner - Plays the winner animation.
13. Update Score - If you need to fix a score, type in the new score and click.
14. Audio Level - Adjust volume of game sound effects and music.
EDIT/PLAY - Import, Export or Edit questions

The game come loaded with 50 questions. Click EDIT to edit, import, export or create questions. Files are saved as .tsv file so you can share with your friends :)  The .tsv files do not like "returns" let the text auto wrap on its own, if you add a "return" you can break the file. To fix a broken .tsv file, open it in a text editor and look for the "return", delete its and save.
"Welcome to The Happy Couple Game, its time to find out who knows each other the best!"
Let's meet our players... whats your name and where are you from? (repeat 4x)
We will be asking a question to the players in the chairs. The players standing will type into their phone what they think their partners will say.
Lets see question number one...
It looks like all the answers are in. Player 1 what do you think? (Player1 answers)
Ok, let's see if your partner got it right...? (Click "Show Answer")
Play as many questions as you want, to end the game just click the "WINNER" button.
--- GAME SETUP ---
The "Screen" button at the top right of the control screen will turn the game screen on. If you have multiple displays connected it will also let you select which screen you want the game on. Windowed mode is a great way to play the game on a single screen if you want to practice.
CCG.BUZZ setup
CCG.BUZZ is a great way to buzz in from anywhere on the planet. If you would like more info on CCG.BUZZ, check out our CrowdBuzzer page.
The Happy Couple Game has CCG.BUZZ integrated right into the game.  Use 1 phone for each couple/team. Tell them to go to CCG.BUZZ and then enter the game code you see on the control screen.
The couple in the 1st chair will be "Couple one".
The game has 4 modes. Happy Couple, Office Mates, Bestie Challenge, and Alpha. The ALPHA mode turns off the background and will let what ever graphic, image or video behind the game be the background. This makes customization very quick and easy. Just change the desktop wallpaper on your 2nd display. Or play the game over the top of a presentation or video playback software.
All of our apps work on Mac and PC, and are made to be played on your computer's second display.
To install our apps you will need Adobe AIR installed. (AIR is already installed on many machines.) If you need it, you can find the correct installer on our Adobe AIR installer page.

Thanks for being awesome!

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