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Will of 4 Chin

$ 25.00


Contestants compete to solve word puzzles. Similar to Hangman.

Type in a "Puzzle to solve" and a "Topic" and you  will be ready to take it for a spin. This game is quick and easy to set up and so much fun to play. 


TUTORIAL - Everything you need to know.



 Type out your own puzzle, then Click "MAKE PUZZLE".Then add a "Topic" and click "SendToBoard". That's it! You are up and playing.

As contestants guess letters, the game operator simply clicks on the letter at the bottom of the control screen. If it lights up, then they click the blue box to reveal the letter to the crowd,


Dial up the AWESOME!

Here are some other apps we sell, that work great with this app to make it feel like a real TV Gameshow. Run them on a separate computer OR you can use the "Screen ON/OFF" buttons to switch between them on the same computer. 

 ADD A SCOREBOARD - Add on the GAME SHOW SCOREBOARD. See the players names, scores, and even add in a timer or lock out buzz in system.

ADD A SPINNER -We also make a GAME SHOW SPINNER that adds all kinds of awesome to Will of 4 Chin.




All of our apps work on Mac and PC, and are made to be played on your computers second display.
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