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ShowTime is a "show clock" to help your events run on time.

Keep speakers and bands on schedule and send important messages to the stage.

ShowTime can be launched, set up, and running in seconds. 



- Quickly edit any of the fields, or apply user defined presets.
- Set the background to transparent allowing you to over lay this app over other running applications.
- Send alerts that take over the entire screen to get the presenters attention.


And so much more... For a speaker on stage, when the time has run out, the time turns red and starts counting up. With the click of a button change the clock behavior to stop at zero and use it as a game timer. Use it on a stage monitor to keep the stage running on time, or use it on the big screen as a countdown to the event starting. Or use it full screen to run rehearsals, show how much more time is left in sound check and what is coming up next... So easy to use, so flexible, so useful.

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