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"Mask" any video to fit any surface. Super Fast, Super Easy and Super Intuitive, anyone can do it. Simply draw right on your environment.


Stage design has really come a long way in the last few years; environmental projection, crazy shaped screens, and projecting onto stage elements. With this renaissance in stage design comes a need for new tools. MaskeR-Aid was created when we needed a way to quickly change the "mask" layer for videos we were projecting. The old way of masking out a set involved taking pictures of the set, editing those photos in photoshop, then tweaking like crazy to make it all match back up. Now with MaskeR-Aid you can draw right on your set. It really is a magical feeling to draw on your computer and see the lines forming mask live on the set, in real time. Easily create mask, edit and tweak them and then, if you want, export them out as .png files.






 The software runs on top of other playback software. So if you are playing videos in ProPresenter, MaskeR-Aid will lay right over the top. Allowing you to create and edit mask in real time. Then if you want, export the mask as a .png files and import it into Pro.


In the photo below MaskeR-Aid was used to mask out all the video onto the boxes and the back wall. Video was played back in LayerPlayer with ProPresenter running all the slides and lyrics in the bottom layer.




All of our apps work on Mac and PC, and are made to be played on your computer's second display.
To install our apps you will need Adobe AIR installed. (AIR is already installed on many machines.) If you need it, you can find the correct installer on our Adobe AIR installer page.

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