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Impossible Shot

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Would you like a FREE GAME IDEA, plus a sweet intro VIDEO?

Well, this is more than a game. It's more than an experience.





The Set up:

Get a hula hoop, a piñata, trash can in the back of the room or anything you can use as a target. Then get someone on stage. Give them a frisbee, a football, or something else to throw.  GET CREATIVE!!  All they have to do is hit the target. 

The key to this game is hype! Get the band. Get the interns. Get the crowd ready. If they hit that target, this place is going to go nuts! 

Now, all you need is an intro video to set the mood, so here you go! Have fun and send us some pics.

Nothing to buy here, just click the links below for the Free Downloads...

Impossible Shoot INTRO

ImpossibleShot LOOP



What it looks like:

Are Friends at Bigstuf are pros at this game. Here is a video of their version.

Thanks for being awesome!

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