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The audience acts out images as two players take turns guessing. Lots of noise, lots of laughs! Great way to get the entire crowd into the game. 


Launch the app. Click on the “folder” button in the bottom left corner. Select a folder of pics. 
That’s it! Press “play” when you are ready to go.

 -- Here are some  -FREE CHRISTMAS IMAGES- Load these in for some Christmas fun. --

Here are some pics you can use... Pics01   Pics02

SayWhat can see alpha channel transparency in .png images. So if you have an image that is "cut out" you will now only see the image. Here is folder of images to play with - Alpha Images


Select two participants. Have them stand on stage facing the crowd (so they can’t see the screens). When you press “play” the images from the folder will be displayed. The crowd will “act out” or “say what” the image would do or say. If they see a picture of a dog, they would bark. If a frog is shown, they will say, "ribbit."  If it's a lama … well that’s what makes it fun. 
The person on stage has 10 seconds to guess. If they guess correctly, they will be rewarded based on their speed. If they don’t guess correctly they will see a big red "FAIL!" The app will keep the score for you. (Works well to have a host on stage and someone in back running the app).
You can split the room down the middle or divide into boys vs girls. 
The main thing is to have fun!





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