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MajorityRules: BattleRoyale

$ 50.00


 This is NOT trivia, you ask the question, but the crowd decides what is correct, because... The Majority Rules!

The question appears on the big screen with 2 options. Players vote on their phones. The game adds up all the players votes and gives points to the players that choose the answer with the most votes (the majority). The faster you vote the more points you get. Super easy, super fun. But just when you got it all figured out, we go into... BATTLE ROYALE mode. Now there are 4 options and if you choose the option with the least votes, you loose all your points and will have to fight to get back to the top of the leaderboard.

Sound effects and background music are included.  Import, export and edit question sets right in the game. And the game comes with over 60 questions so as soon as you download it you are ready to go!



This tutorial video will show you how to host and operate the game.


PROMO VIDEO - 45 sec to get you excited

Game Screen - This is what the players see.


 Control Screen - This is where you control everything.


 1. Game Screen - Turn on the game board. More info below.

2. Edit/Play - This is where you import/export and edit questions. More info below.

3. Keyboard Shortcut - Use the keyboard to advance the game.

4. CCCG.BUZZ - Generate a room code to connect web buzzers to the game. The GAME TITLE will be at the top of the buzzer (on players phones).

5. Logo Loop - Play logo video.

6. Start Majority Rules - this will start round one of the game.

7. Start Battle Royale - this will start round two of the game.

8. Game Navigation - the 5 buttons will run the games. They light up to show you what happens next.

9. LeaderBoard - This is where you can scroll thru and see a list of everyone playing. "Trivial Names" are nick names the computer generates so you dont see the players actual names.

10. Clear Question - Clears the questions if you need to go back or start a question over.

11. Quick Message - This is just for fun. You can send pop-up text messages to all the players.

12. Sliders - Adjust music and sound FX levels.

13. Winner - Play the “winner” animation. 



Click EDIT to edit, import, export or create questions. Files are saved as .tsv file so you can share with your friends :)  The .tsv files do not like "returns" let the text auto wrap on its own, if you add a "return" you can break the file. To fix a broken .tsv file, open it in a text editor and look for the "return", delete its and save.



This is the first time we ever played the game. It's a Zoom so the audio is all kinds of not great. We edited it down and sped up the times players were voting on their phones, but hopefully you get the idea of how the game feels. We had a blast!



The "Screen" button at the top right of the control screen will turn the game screen on. If you have multiple displays connected it will also let you select which screen you want the game on. "Custom Fit" lets you edit the size and shape of the gameboard. "Windowed" mode is a great way to play the game on a single screen if you want to practice.



CCG.BUZZ is a great way to buzz in from anywhere on the planet. If you would like more info on CCG.BUZZ, check out our CrowdBuzzer page.

Majority Rules has CCG.BUZZ integrated right into the game. You can set up everything on the control screen. When you are ready to play just click the CCG.BUZZ "ON" button. This will generate a game code. Then tell your players to go to CCG.BUZZ and enter the game code.




All of our apps work on Mac and PC, and are made to be played on your computer's second display.
To install our apps you will need Adobe AIR installed. (AIR is already installed on many machines.) If you need it, you can find the correct installer on our Adobe AIR installer page.

Thanks for being awesome!

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