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$ 25.00


HeadGames randomly picks people from the audience to complete random tasks.




Select the number of people you want to play.
Explain the task that needs to be completed to win.
Hit the Play button.
Watch zaniness ensue.





Before the game begins, you need a picture of everyone in the HeadGames folder. There are many ways to get photos into that folder. You can upload pics from a camera but that can take some time and often the images are HUGE. Photos that are 320x240 or 640x480 work best. Larger files will really slow down the game performance. 

Dropbox + camera app

If you want to take the photos as the crowd is walking in we HIGHLY SUGGEST using an iPhone app connected to dropbox.

We like the iPhone app QuickDropShot for Dropbox. QuickDropShot is a $.99 app, that lets you set the photo size to 640x480 and automatically upload to Dropbox. Uploading the smaller photo size make the upload really fast and plays back great in HeadGames. In the app setup you can choose a specific folder on Dropbox to save to. Then just point HeadGames to the same folder. And just like that you have photos automatically syncing to the game every time you click the "UPDATE PICS" button.


The picture needs to be a nice tight shot of just their face. You will also need to decide on a random task for the person.
Here are a few examples:

1. first one to stage with 3 left shoes
2. first one to stage with 2 people in blue shirts
3. first one to make and land a paper airplane in a hula hoop on stage
4. find a partner and “Wheel Barrel” down the center isle to the stage.
5. “Barn Yard Olympics” (this is totally Brian's Idea, Brad had nothing to do with it :)
- A. In back right corner of the room Mooo like a cow.
- B. In front left corner, cluck like a chicken
- C. In front right corner, Hee-Haw like a mule
- D. In back left corner, quack like a duck.
- E. High Five MC to win




All of our apps work on Mac and PC, and are made to be played on your computer's second display.
To install our apps you will need Adobe AIR installed. (AIR is already installed on many machines.) If you need it, you can find the correct installer on our Adobe AIR installer page.

Thanks for being awesome!

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