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Simple fun guessing game.

In this game the crowd will guess which BOX the JINGLE bells are in. We call it JINGLE BOX!



Similar to the "under the cap" games you may see at a ball game. This is a very simple game that lets the crowd keep an eye on the boxes and try to guess correctly... which box the bells are in.

Simple, easy, fun. Great way to add some holiday fun to your next event.




-Shuffle Button- Just click it. You will figure it out.

-Stop - Again I don't want to talk down to you.

That's it. Super easy to run.



"Welcome to the best holiday shuffle game this side of the north pole.

We are going to put these jingle bells into this box, we call the game... JINGLE BOX!!!

Alright here we go. (click shuffle button)

Keep an eye on that box, it has our bells in there... Oh it is a tricky box...Whoa they just keep on shuffleing...

Did you do it? Where you able to keep track?

Who thinks the bells are in Box 1? ... Who thinks Box 2? ... Box 3?...

Alright lets see where they are. (host hits "reveal" button)

There they are if you picked that box YOU WIN!!!

Congratulations "




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