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Christmas Tipping Point

$ 35.00


“Take as many coins as you want, but don’t cross the Tipping Point or you will be eliminated!" Play 3 rounds to get down to just 2 players. The player with the most coins at the end of the game wins! (5 players or teams)

"Welcome to the 'Christmas Tipping Point'. To win this game you just need to collect the most coins. But watch out, if you take too many coins you will hit the 'tipping point' and be eliminated from the game.
Each round will start with 1000 coins. The tipping point is a randomly generated number between 1 and 999. So you can play it safe and stay in the game longer, but the only way to win is to go big!" 

- Music and sound effects built in
- 5 Players or Teams
- Each round will start with 1000 coins
- The tipping point is a randomly generated number between 1 and 999 each round
This is where you control everything.
1. Save Name - Add players names or edit/ update as needed

2. Screen Selector- Select your output screen

3. Show Logo - Full screen logo screen with music

4. Next Round - Start a new round to start the game and after players are eliminated

5. Turn-  Select who is playing

6. Take - Type in an amount and then click "TAKE"

7. Winner - Play the “winner” animation

8. Sound FX - Adjust the volume of the Sound FX

9. Reset Game - Reset the scores, and ready to play again  

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