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Quiz Show

$ 45.00


This is more than just trivia questions, this is QUIZ SHOW! The funnest trivia game on the planet.


Up to 10 players (or teams) can buzz in to answer. Import/export questions, customize the logo, built in sound effects and animations this is the easiest way to turn your next game night into a TV game show. 



 This 12 minute video will show you how to host and operate the game.


Game Screen

 This is what the players see.


 Control Screen


This is where you control everything.

 1. Game Screen - Turn on the gameboard

2. Logo Loop - Pay logo video

3. Sliders - Adjust music and sound FX levels

4. Clock - Edit game time or turn off the clock

5. Custom Logo - Add your logo to the logo loop

6. Edit/Play - Click edit to edit or load questions

7. Show - Click to reveal categories to the game board

8. Edit Names - Edit or add up to 10 names - Click the “Buzz” button or click the number on the keyboard

9. Edit Scores - It’s all right there in the name

10. Winner - Play the “winner” animation




Click a point value to reveal the question.

Keyboard shortcuts:

Correct- Press Up arrow key

Wrong - Press Down arrow key

Back to Gameboard - Press Spacebar




EDIT/PLAY - Import questions

Click EDIT to edit, import, export or create questions. Files are saved as .tsv file so you can share with your friends :)

We have some question sets below you can download and use.




"Welcome to Quiz Show, the funnest trivia game on the planet!

We are going to put 5 minutes on the clock. The team with the most points, when time is up or the board is cleared, will be our winner.

The game board is made up of 5 categories with 5 questions in each category.

Let's look at the board. (reveal the game board points)

And here are our categories... (reveal and explain each category)

Now remember, if you buzz in and get the question wrong you will loose those points.

Player 1 pick a question...


--- GAME SETUP ---



The "Screen" button at the top right of the control screen will turn the game screen on. If you have multiple displays connected it will also let you select which screen you want the game on. Windowed mode is a great way to play the game on a single screen if you want to practice.



This game is way more fun if you have buttons to buzz in. The players will be using the  1, 2, 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0 number keys to buzz in. Connecting buttons that will send those keystrokes to the games is our favorite way to play. Here is a video that shows how to connect buttons to a game.

More info, tutorials, and where to buy wireless buttons.


CCG.BUZZ setup

Great way to buzz in from anywhere on the planet.

If you would like more info on CCG.BUZZ, check out our CrowdBuzzer page.






 This is a great resource to use to train volunteers or to help remember the basics before you go on to host. All the basic info on 1 piece of paper.

QuizShow CheatSheet.pdf 



Right Click and "Download" these question sets to use in your next game. Put them in the CrowdControlGames/QuizShow folder in your computers Documents folder.







All of our apps work on Mac and PC, and are made to be played on your computers second display.

To install our apps you will need Adobe AIR. AIR is already installed on many machines, but if you need it you can download it here. It’s quick, easy, and FREE. You only need to install it one time. 

If you are having trouble or need more help, check out our FAQ and Tech Support page.

Thanks for being awesome!

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