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Quiz-based competition where 4 teams of 4 players buzz in to answer questions.
GAME DESCRIPTION This game was made for academic type quiz bowls or corporate events wanting to get more people involved in the game. Questions are read aloud (not displayed), the scoreboards, timers and all 16 lock-out-buzzers, are shown on the game screen.  We only provide software. To play this game you will need physical buzzer. You can purchase the buzzers at
GAMEPLAY - Start the clock, hit "Buzzers HOT", and then ask a question. The first 6 players to buzz in will be shown in the order they buzzed in. If the 1st player gets it wrong the game will go down the list until you get a correct answer. If no on buzzes in then you can start the "Last Chance Timer" to let them know you are about to move on. When a Correct answer is given, that team has a chance to answer "Bonus questions". Then reset the buzzers and you are ready for the next question.
This tutorial video will show you how to host and operate the game.
All 16 (4 teams of 4) players are displayed at the bottom of the screen. As they buzz in they are moved up into the order they buzzed in. This unique style of display lets you see who buzzed in, their order, and what team they are on. The game clock is on the right side of the screen, and below that is the "Bonus" and "Last Chance" timer".
This is where you control everything.

1. Game Screen - Turn on the gameboard ON/OFF
2. Logo - Type in your own logo
3. Game Clock - Edit, start/stop game clock
4. Custom Points - Adjust the defaut points
5. Buzzers HOT/OFF - Allows buzzers to buzz in
6. Answer Timer- Speed them up after the buzz in
7. Last Chance - Last chance to buzz in warning
8. Bonus - After a correct answer, give the entire team a chance to answer some extra questions
9. Edit/Play - Click edit to edit or import team names
10. Line up of the buzzed in (to see whos next)
11. Team NAMES - Editable team names
12. BONUS - + - give point in Bonus round, or edit score
13. 1-16 - Names of all 16 players. Grey= buzzers off, Blue= Buzzers Hot, White = Buzzed in Yellow is active player
14. Winner - Plays Winner animation
15. Reset/Export - Opens up a window that lets you reset scores and clocks, or export the current games names and scores (for tournament play)  
The Screen OffStart Clock and Edit Names are RED when activated, if any of these are red the Buzzers do not work. Red = Dead. For the buzzers to work the screen must be on and the clock must be running.

EDIT/PLAY - Import or Edit names (no export option)

You can type the teams and players names right into the game. Or if you have a large number of teams you can create a .csv file with all the teams, then use the pull down menu to select the teams playing.
The format for the .csv file is "Teamname, Player1, Player2,Player3,Player4". Each line is a team, add as many team/Lines as you want. You can create this is any text editor, just make it uses the .csv extension. Here is a template to get you started... NameImporter.csv
After a player gets a "Correct" answer, the entire team has 15 seconds to answer bonus questions. As the get them correct, click the "+" to add the points. If they get one wrong their bonus time ends.
--- GAME FlOW ---
Buzzers hot
Read a question.
Players buzz in. (if no one buzzes in click "Last Chance"
As players answer, click Wrong or Correct.
After a Correct answerthe team gets a chance to answer Bonus questions.

Go back to buzzers Hot and repeat until time runs out.
All of our apps work on Mac and PC, and are made to be played on your computer's second display.
To install our apps you will need Adobe AIR installed. (AIR is already installed on many machines.) If you need it, you can find the correct installer on our Adobe AIR installer page.

Thanks for being awesome!

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