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Live action Wack-a-Mole! Use this scoreboard to make a full size crazy interactive stage game.

Two teams, made up of a runner and a wacker, race to see who can get the most points before time runs out.




The screen shows how many points each hole is worth.

The crowd yells instruction to the runner on which hole to go to.

The Whacker, whacks the runner.

The game operator clicks the button of the hole the runner pops up in. 





Music and sound effects are included. You will need to make some props for this one. The "game board" (we painted a large canvas drop cloth, you could simplify this by using Hula Hoops), the helmets, balloons, and poppers (we used pool noodles). Now clear some space, and get some helpers, this is about to get crazy!



"Alright, We are about to play a live action Wack-a-mole game! Who wants to play "Holey-Wack-A-Moley"!!!
We will need 4 people to help with this game (these 4 will help hold up the "game board").  Now we will need two brave people (who are willing to get wacked). And they will need to bring someone they trust with them (they will be the wackers).

"Hello Player one whats your name...",  "Hello Player two, whats your name..."

"The game is simple. You will have 60 sec to get as many points as possible. You will get points by running into the "Holey-Wack-A-Moley" game board and getting a ballon wacked when you pop out of one the 4 holes.

"Each hole will have a different point value up on the screen. The crowd will help guide you to the highest scoring hole. This half of the room you are cheering for player 1. This half is cheering for player 2. 

"Alright player 1. You stand here. Be sure to hold on tight to that balloon as you run. Wacker, you stand behind the game board and be ready to ...well... WACK!

"Crowd, are you ready? ... 60 seconds on the clock.. and GO!"

Thanks for being awesome!

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