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Millionaire Mash-ups Opposite Song Lyrics Pop Culture Homes 2020 Foreign Currency
Microsoft & Ground Hog Day (Actor) Fire Fire Grandpa The Homer Simpson’s home is located in what fictional town Joe Exotic was the star of this Netflix Documentary Mexico
Bill Gates Murray Ice Ice Baby Springfield Tiger King Peso
Owner of the Dallas Mavericks & Luke Skywalker (Actor) Hate Palace Bob Saget was the original host of this video clip show The WHO announced that a deadly coronavirus had emerged in which Chinese city Japan
Mark Cuban Hamill Love Shack America’s Funniest Home Videos Wuhan Yen
Bershire Hathaway & Dick Tracy (Actor) Hostel New York Fresh Prince of Bel Air relocated from where? "While filming in Australia in March, this actor was quarantined after testing positive for COVID-19?" Russia
Warren Buffet Beatty Hotel California West Philadephia Tom Hanks Ruble
Amazon & Jurrasic Park 1/Independance Day (Actor) Tastes Like Old People In the movie Home Alone where is the family traveling to? What two-inch-long scary insects were found in the the U.S. Pacific Northwest in 2020? India
Jeff Bezos Goldblum Smells Like Teen Spirit Paris Murder Hornets Rupee
Virgin Atlantic & Brewster's Millions/The Toy (Stand-Up) I Can Avoid That Designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1935 this home/art is set along a river in Pennsylvania "In Nov Jeopardy's Alex Trebek lost his battle with cancer. When did he start hosting Jeopardy? 1979, 1984, 1989" United Arab Emirates
Richard Branson Prior You Can't Touch This Fallingwater 1984 Dirham

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