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These are the voyages of the Starship Lovuguyz.  Our lifelong mission is to boldly follow God, love God, love others, and tell others about our home in heaven...

Kids and adults will love being part of this trek through the stars, where they learn the importance of living differently for Jesus.

A high energy, super creative, biblically solid VBS that challenges kids to “Live Different!"  

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Welcome to the USS LOVUGUYZ, where we’re all aliens, learning what it means to live differently from the world while drawing others to Jesus.  Being an alien means we have a Different Leader, Different Love, Different Life, and a Different Home.   We want to follow God, love God, love others, and tell others about our home in heaven.  As Romans 12:2 tells us, “Don’t live the way this world lives.  Let your way of thinking be completely changed.”  We shouldn’t be different just to be different.  We should live in such a way so others will want to follow Jesus because they see His love in our lives.  “Aliens” provides solid biblical teaching in a super fun atmosphere!


Contents :

- 4 Daily Lessons (editable)

- 4 Opening & Closing Skits (editable)

- Skit Video Game software

- Logos for Decorations

- Templates for Button Designs

- T-shirt designs (ready to send to T-shirt company)

- Stage Graphics (slides)

- Stage design videos (loops)

- Suggestions for Crafts, Snacks, and Games

- Suggestions for Worship Songs (and links to examples of lyric videos)

- Volunteer Manuals (editable Publisher file)

- Director Information





Why a Four Day VBS?  We believe a four day VBS is a fabulous concept, and here’s why:  YOU get to decide what to do with the fifth day!  Some churches have a Tuesday through Friday VBS and use the Monday beforehand to decorate and prepare.  Other churches have a Monday through Thursday VBS and use Friday as a party day!  Invite the whole neighborhood, have a picnic, rent out a local park, whatever.  Just make it fun and celebrate what everyone learned all week long.  We think another great idea is to use the fifth day as a church-wide service day.  “Aliens” is all about living differently from the world, so what better way to wrap up the week than by living differently and serving in your neighborhoods?  Your community is brimming with opportunities and the little aliens in your church will be ready to “talk about Jesus” and “take care of others” after this VBS!  So, yeah, we’re big fans of a four day VBS.  We hope you say, “Wow!  That was awesome!  Let’s do this again next year!”  We received rave reviews from churches that did our “Minion Factory VBS” – and they LOVED the four day week!

Copyright disclaimer: This VBS is a parody of a popular television and movie series where space explorers boldly travel throughout the universe and encounter aliens of all kinds.  Through this parody, we want to communicate the idea that we are actually the aliens in this world and we are to live differently so others will be drawn to Jesus.  The characters in the skits are parodies, and while some artwork and materials might seem familiar (to help create the parody), they are all original works.

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