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RPS: 12 Days of Christmas

$ 5.00


Are you ready to take Rock-Paper-Scissors to the NEXT LEVEL?!! 

This is a Rock-Paper-Scissors battle. To stay in the Christmas spirit, we will be using the final 6 days of the "12 Days of Christmas" as our levels.

To play, everyone starts as a "Swan-a-Swimming."  You can only battle people that are the same level as you. You will recognize each other by doing the same "battle motions." 

If you win, you go up a level. If you lose, you go down a level.

The first two winning "Drummers Drumming" will compete in a best 2 out of 3 showdown!  As soon as someone wins as a drummer have them come to the front.


The Battle Moves

1.  "Swans-a-Swimming"  (Action = Swim around the room.)

2. "Maids-a-Milking" (Action = Act like your milking a cow.)

3. "Ladies Dancing" (Action = Dance around the room.)

4. "Lords-a-Leaping" (Action = Leap around the room.)

5.  "Pipers Piping" (Action = Act like your playing the flute.)

6.  "Drummers Drumming" (Action = Drum around the room.)


When you launch the app it will show this graphic.  Put it up on the big screen to show the crowd the order to go in.



Thanks for being awesome!

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