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VBS_MinionFactory VIDEO Pack

$ 25.00


This VIDEO Pack was created to supplement our Minion Factory VBS.


Video PACK Contents :

1. Factory Backdrop [Videos] (1920x480) (4 versions:,,, Alpha.flv)
1920x480 content is designed to work in a 3 screen environment (i.e. TripleHead2Go).

2.  Factory Backdrop [Stills] (1920x480) (4 versions: Logo.jpg, Black.jpg, White.jpg, Alpha.png)  
1920x480 content is designed to work in a 3 screen environment (i.e. TripleHead2Go).


3. Factory Backdrop [Videos]  (1280x720) (4 versions:,,, Alpha.flv)


4. Factory Backdrop [Stills] (1280x720) (4 versions: Logo.jpg, Black.jpg, White.jpg, Alpha.png)

5. Logo Screen [Video] (960x540) (, Logo.flv)


6. Environmental Projection [Videos+Stills]  (1280x480) (3 versions:, loop.flv, still.jpg)



 7. Lesson Room [Videos] (1280x480) (3 versions: ScreenLoop.flv, RoomLoop.flv, Down.flv, Up.flv)
1920x480 content is designed to work in a 3 screen environment (i.e. TripleHead2Go).

Lesson Room content was designed to work in the "LayerPlayer" program (link below). The "slides" and videos are played in 2 different layers to make the program completely interactive.



Playback Ideas:

These videos can be used in most playback setups (ProPresenter etc). Simply import these videos as the background video layer. For 3 screen wide videos, you will want to modify your ProPresenter settings to make lyrics only display in the center screen.

Another option: we used LayerPlayer to play back our 3 screen "Animated Set"...ON TOP of ProPresenter. Yes you heard that right. LayerPlayer will play alpha videos; the cut alpha areas in the video will expose ProPresenter below. This will display all of your ProPresenter lyrics and fun videos on the main center screen, all with a beautiful animated mask running on top of it in LayerPlayer. (How to blog post coming soon)


Set Design Ideas:

For our VBS we made the main set by stacking 24" white cardboard boxes. It makes for a cheap and easy setup. We front projected onto the 2 sides, and rear projected onto the center screen. This allowed our actors to walk around the main stage area without being projected onto. We had 2 projectors behind the boxes projecting onto the back wall displaying our Environmental videos. So TrippleHead 2Go for the front, and a DualHead2Go for the EP. We also utilized our chapels built in projector to display the Logo loop onto the rooms built in dropdown screen.

If you decide to do the same, we highly recommend the MaskerAid app (see link below) to help mask the video perfectly to the boxes, so there is no "over spray" projection onto the back wall where the EP video is projected. (see demo in the the MakerAid link below). 


For the lessons, scripts, Logos and other ideas, for this VBS see  Minion Factory VBS ($100)


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